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Buy Mifegest Kit Online USA – The Complete Abortion Kit

Mifegest kit= 1 pill of Mifepristone+ 4 pills of Misoprostol

If you are looking to terminate early pregnancy then buy mifegest kit online which is a complete abortion kit.  It’s the best form of birth control pills, which are also termed contraceptive or emergency contraceptive pills. Mifegest kit is a grouping of two active medicine called Mifepristone and Misoprostol, overall it embraces 5 pills to terminate the baby completely without undergoing any surgical process. Mifepristone is an active pill, which exerts to raze the fetus & other to wipe it out from the body. Mifegest kit found the safest mode of therapy for the woman to abort the 12th week of pregnancy. With this abortion Kit, you can conclude your unwanted pregnancy within 63 days of development. It’s a secret method of abortion to facilitate the process of fetus termination to order the pills online and at the cheapest price. Here provides an online facility to buy mifegest kit online either you are in the USA, UK, Canada, or else.

How does the drug work?

An abortion kit comprising Mifepristone & Misoprostol, which directs to encumber the progesterone, it’s a kind of hormone that forms naturally. The pill leads to thickening the coating of the uterus, which fails the sperm to reach towards the uterus and nourish the egg of pregnancy.

Procedure to take the pills?

Follow to complete process under physician guidance. There are two ways to abort the child.

  • Initially, starting 1 to 3 days you need to practice 200 mg of Mifepristone through the mouth after those 4 pills of 200 mcg (overall 800 mcg) vaginally.
  • After 49 to 63 days & after exercising Misoprostol running between 4 hours, if abortion fails to happen then you will have to take 2nd dose of Misoprostol comprising 2 doses of 200 mcg (overall 400 mcg) vaginally or orally.

In the overall process of abortion, you need to take the first pill of Mifepristone; since it is admitted an efficient drug. It seems 90% successful in aborting the baby if you take it under the given period of time. It means the termination of the baby needs to be done prior to the completion of 9 weeks. Since, after then that the medical abortion may fail to work. Medical abortion is the process to end the pregnancy without going under any surgical procedure. But, if the procedure fails to work properly you might need to go under the surgical process. Well, it happens only when you exert the drugs wrongly or beyond the given period of time.


Vaginal bleeding during the process consequences that you are getting your baby aborted. The bleeding may proceed for a week or more than a week or until the process of abortion may last. It might be possible that you get various health hurdles during or after the pregnancy. Vomiting, giddiness, fever, stomach ache, etc. seems to be a normal complication during or after abortion. To get rid of it you need to go under a certain medication process.

  • Paracetamol to deal with fever,
  • Anti-emetic to reduce vomiting,
  • Ibuprofen to comfort the issue of stomach ache

Note: – you need to exercise this abortion kit after confirming the pregnancy. Make sure that you really wanted to abort the pregnancy. Check the status and then initiate this medical abortion.

Prevention and safety measures

  • Alcohol and smoking cigarettes need to be avoided. Stuff loaded with grapes found harmful for the health.
  • Take plenty of rest
  • Avoid consuming a spicy and oily meal.
  • Do not perform any heavy work
  • Consume healthy foods
  • Take vitamin-rich supplements


Store the medicine under the normal temperature.

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  1. 6 reviews

    Dana Schneider

    Thank you very much for recommending me abortion pills over surgical abortion. It was a very easy procedure. I will surely suggest it to my friends…

  2. 6 reviews

    Rebecca Booth

    I am 7 weeks pregnant got my pills today they sent me via overnight shipping Thank you so much and ill surely recommend it to all women…

  3. 6 reviews

    Bethany Tibbo

    I was scared about my menstrual cycle but after my medical abortion got successful my period also came on time after that. I am so happy I got rid of this problem without any complication…

  4. 6 reviews

    Wendy Ellerker

    Please don’t be scared, for women who want a Medical abortion we are lucky to have the abortion pill. I purchased from this website and I had no effects except for bleeding that was severe for a day and of course, bleeding, but other than that there were no other complications…

  5. 6 reviews

    Ashley Jade Parkes

    Thanks a ton for delivering me the pills on time. Really good service. I was given tracking details. It’s a genuine website…

  6. 6 reviews

    Jennifer Kearns

    Mifegest is the best abortion pill so far. It works really as said.Despite of nausea, cramping and bleeding i did not feel any side effects or complications…

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