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If you bought an online product with Getcytotec an online medical dispensary, please read carefully the Abortion Pills cancellation policy. Then you can cancel it anytime by following our procedures. Here Getcytotec going to mention, some abortion pill cancellation policy points. That you need to take care of while canceling your ordered products. aims at building a strong relationship with our customers ensuring 100% satisfaction with quality meds and well-designed policies.  Our cancellation policy includes certain terms specified below-

Important Information:

1) Once the payment is done your order can neither be canceled nor be refunded.

2) Tracking Number will be sent within 24 to 48 hours.

3) Do not make payment through eCheck since it takes additional 8 business days to clear & it takes a total of 25 business days to deliver the product hence if you want us to ship your orders on priority then don’t make payment to PayPal through eCheck.

For high-security reasons, kindly do not write our website name or anything in the comment box while making transactions.

Once you make the payment, we would request you to provide a screenshot of the transaction, so that we may proceed with your order.

If you have any questions then kindly get in touch with us.

Thank you in advance and Have a pleasant day!

Best Regards,

In case you wish to inquire regarding further details of the cancellation policy, you can either communicate with our customer care executives through live chat or even write down a mail to us at

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