An Ultimate Guide: How to use abortion pills at home?

use abortion pills

An Ultimate Guide: How to use abortion pills at home?

When you are undergoing a pregnancy termination protocol, whether it a surgical abortion or medical, how well you follow the instructions decide the success of the procedure. We guide you How to use abortion pills at home?. Hence, the way of administering abortion pills is of utmost importance in the medical abortion procedure.

This blog guides you to understand how you can perform a medical abortion at home, what are medications you will be going to use, what precautions you should consider, and how to observe abortion over its symptoms.

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1.What are the abortion pills used :

  • Mifepristone abortion pill: 

The Mifepristone pill in the pill combination should be 200 mg. Mifepristone is an orally active and progestogen and four Mifepristone are devoid of estrogenic, antiestrogenic mineralocorticoid, and antimineralocorticoid properties. Mifepristone is also referred to as RU-488 and  It has a molecular formula of CaNO and a molecular weight of 429.6.

  • Misoprostol abortion pill: 

The Misoprostol pill in the combination should be 200 mcg. Misoprostol is chemically known as Methyl and its molecular weight of 382 . Hence, the four Misoprostol pregnancy termination medicines should be 800 mcg in total. You can take these four medicines in two methods. Both methods are equally effective. Read the information I hope we help you How to use abortion pills at home. You can speak to your healthcare provider to know the suitable method for you or decide on your own as per your comfort.

2.The methods used to consume abortion pills :

  • Buccal consumption: 

In this method, you have to consume the medicines by keeping them in the cheek and gum. You can place two pills on each side. Since the pills are expected to be dissolved naturally, you can drink water before you consume the pills. Keep the pills in the cheeks for thirty minutes. Later, the remainder can be gulped down. One benefit of this approach is that you can remove what’s left of a tablet from the patient’s mouth if he has an adverse reaction.

  • Vaginal consumption: 

In this method, the user is expected to insert the pills into the vagina. You can push one pill inside and ensure that it is in the place properly. You can stand, squat, or lie down to insert the pills into the vagina. If needed, you can take help from your partner to place the pills properly. However, pill insertion is as simple as inserting a tampon.

3. What precautions to be taken during pill consumption:

  • If you are taking the medicines buccally, vomiting should not interrupt the functioning of Misoprostol. Hence, it is advised that you take the medicines out if you feel like vomiting, put it back after you wash your mouth.
  • In the vaginal consumption of medicines, the user has to empty the bladder. Also, when you have inserted the pills into the vagina, do not urinate for the next half an hour. This is to ensure that there’s no interruption in the process.

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4. What to expect during medical abortion:

After you consume both abortion pills, the anti-progesterone and prostaglandin components in the abortion pills make hormonal changes in the uterine lining.

Within 24-48 hours, this gives you the following changes in the body:

  • Cramps in the abdominal area
  • Heavy vaginal bleeding
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Fever

All these changes in your body are only for two or three hours or a couple of days after that you are back to your normal life.

The last thoughts:

The changes in the body are actually the symptoms of medical pregnancy termination. If you do not experience these symptoms, speak to your healthcare provider. Along with these two symptoms, there may be some side effects, however, they are temporary. 

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You can confirm the success of pregnancy termination a few days after the symptoms stop. Typically, the bleeding stops after 2-6 days. If you have bought abortion pills online, you can speak to 24×7 online support to know more about the process. I hope we help you How to use abortion pills at home. You can buy abortion pills online cheap at reasonable prices. Medical termination is quite an easy process. You buy a mifepristone and misoprostol kit and abortion pill pack take it as mentioned or told by a doctor.

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