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Why do women have Abortions?? Is Medical Abortion safe?

Why do women have Abortions?? Is Medical Abortion safe?

Women don’t have places where they talk about their abortion reasons-or their feeling after pursuing this action. Only a woman can understand what it takes to deal with an unwanted pregnancy.  Most women think about this Why do women have Abortions?? Is Medical Abortion safe?. Common judgment about a woman for unwanted or unplanned pregnancy […]
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Questions about abortion pill

Questions you’ll probably have about abortion pill

Whenever a woman undergoes a medical termination of pregnancy, all she aims for is the best abortion pills and a safe procedure. So, it is natural to have doubts and concerns regarding the whole process. Hence, this blog aims to answer the questions that may come to a woman’s mind while undergoing the procedure of medical pregnancy […]
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abortion hurt

Does abortion hurt?

How does it hurt? The quick answer is that it has a different experience for everyone. No woman can tell you how exactly it will feel and what exactly they will experience after taking the abortion pills or at the clinic. Some women compare the procedure to menstrual cramps, while others describe more discomfort. Whether it […]
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Relationship issues

Relationship and mental issues after an abortion

Ever asked why a woman you know, a relative or a partner, seems sad and looks depleted or dull regularly? You may likewise have seen that she has lost excitement in their regular activities, doesn’t eat her food appropriately, or is constantly diverted from work. Such signs show that women may be experiencing depression. Most […]
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use abortion pills

An Ultimate Guide: How to use abortion pills at home?

When you are undergoing a pregnancy termination protocol, whether it a surgical abortion or medical, how well you follow the instructions decide the success of the procedure. We guide you How to use abortion pills at home?. Hence, the way of administering abortion pills is of utmost importance in the medical abortion procedure. This blog […]
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Will my abortion make me infertile in the future

Will my abortion make me infertile in the future?

Dealing with an unwanted pregnancy is a serious concern for any woman. Whichever decision she makes, her future always concerns her.  For women, it’s a very tough situation she has to deal with this decision lifetime. Speaking about pregnancy termination (all women’s talk about Will my abortion make me infertile in the future?), if abortion […]
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abortion pill

Is abortion pill really safe for women health?

Be it a medical method or surgical, women’s health should be of utmost importance in an abortion procedure. Is the abortion pill really safe for women’s health?  That’s the first question in everyone’s mind. There have been a number of cases where women terminated their pregnancies through unsafe measures. Medical abortion is indeed not one […]
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Abortion is safe

Abortion is safe and easy with MTP KIT

Having a feeling of motherhood is a special feeling for every woman. But sometimes due to some bad circumstances, a woman has to make a decision to undergo an abortion, Abortion is the safe to process if done with care which is also termed as medical termination of pregnancy or forcible termination of undesired pregnancy. […]
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